Tankless water heater vs. tank storage water heater

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Water heaters or geysers are essential parts of our houses. They are usually installed in most bathrooms and kitchens across the globe, especially in colder countries. If you are someone who is considering purchasing and installing one, then you must know that there are two major varieties. These are

  1. Tankless water heaters-Tankless water heaters are the relatively newer appliances which heat water instantly. These types of water heaters heat water only when you turn the faucet on.
  2. Tank storage water heaters- Tank storage water heaters are the traditional water heaters that you see hooked up on walls in bathrooms and kitchens.


Before purchasing, you must be familiar with the detailed comparison between the two. This helps  you make an informed decision depending upon your budget and usage criteria. The following are some points of comparison between tankless water heater vs. tanks storage water heater:

1.Usage and Working

Tankless Water heaters-A tankless water heater makes use of a heat source such as electric or gas to heat up water on demand and instantly. The water is heated exactly when needed. In case of tankless water heaters, as the hot water tap is turned on, the cold water travels through a pipe into the unit. Here either an electric element or the gas burner heats it and you thus get instant supply.

Tank Storage water heater-A traditional tank storage water heater is meant to store and preheat water( about 35 to 50 gallons) in a tank. The preheated water in this case can be used whenever someone needs. A gas burner or electric elements under the tank heats the water in the tank and this hot water is released when you turn the hot water tap.  To replace the hot water used, cold water replaces it and enter the bottom so that the tank is always full.


traditional water heater

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2. Initial cost and set up expenditures

One of the major points upon which the decision of choosing between tankless water heater vs. tank storage water heater lies is the initial costs.

Tankless Water Heater-It is a fact that tankless water heaters cost much more (almost double) when it comes to initial purchasing and installation. This is one reason why most people still prefer to use the traditional tank storage water heaters.

Tank Storage Water heater-  The initial costs and installation expenditure in this case comes out to be a lot less.  Moreover, these are easier and much cheaper to replace, unlike tankless water heaters which have a complicated installation and reinstallation process.

tankless water heater

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3. Lifespan

Tankless Water heaters-When it comes to the lifespan of water heaters, tankless water heaters prove much better as they are designed to last for more than 20 years.

Tank Storage water heaters-Tank storage water heaters have a lifespan of 10-15 years which is almost half that of tankless ones. This means that the initial cost of purchasing and setting up may actually balance in the long run.

tankless water heater

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4. Space and location of setting up

Tankless Water heaters-Tankless water heaters are smaller in size as compared to tank storage models. They can be installed even outside on a wall, unlike their counterparts which cannot be placed outside.

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Tank Storage water heaters– It is a fact that traditional tank storage water heaters require a dedicated and larger space for installation in comparison to tankless water heaters.

tankless heaters can be installed outside

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5. Energy consumption and money saving

Tankless Water heaters-Tankless water heaters may cost more initially. But they help to conserve about 24-35% more energy than traditional water heater. They enable you to save a great deal of your hard-earned income in the long run.

Tank Storage water heaters- You will always get a higher utility bill if you have a traditional water heater installed in comparison to tankless ones. This means added costs especially during the colder winter months of the year.

6. Hot water availability

Tankless water heaters- When it comes to tankless water heaters,  you will not run out of water since there is abundant hot water availability. This is true especially if you have a bigger heater installed.

Tank Storage water heaters-In case of traditional water heaters, there is always a risk of running out of hot water as they can heat only a limited amount in a given period of time.

Now that you know the various points of comparison between tankless water heater vs. tank storage water heater, you can make your decision quite easily. Both the varieties have their positives and negatives and the final decision totally depends upon your budget and preference.  If you can handle the initial costs, then tankless heaters would prove to be a much better choice for you. For installation of any of these, you can count upon Mr. Right services.

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    You forget the installation cost when replacing a tank with a tankless water heater. This might include running a new main gas line if a larger total supply is needed. I don’t know about propane the above is based on natural gas.

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