Is your geyser ready for winters? Here are 5 common problems with geyser

How to choose a right geyser water heater for home

Geyser is a commonly used home appliance. It produces hot water that is used for various purposes like bathing, cleaning, washing etc. Water heating is a simple thermodynamic process where a source of energy like electricity, natural gas or solar energy is used to heat water. Over the period of use, there can be some common problems with geyser and fall in need of repairs. It is important to make some basic checks for any problems and make your geyser winter ready.

Geyser repair

Common problems with geyser are:

No hot water

It is a very common problem associated with a geyser. There are 2 heating elements inside a geyser that heat water. If the power supply in your home is fine but there is no hot water from geyser, it indicates that the heating elements have failed. Another reason for no hot water is a faulty thermostat. Thermostat is a device that keeps the temperature of water inside geyser at a desired level, by cutting off the power supply once the desired temperature is achieved. However, sometimes this device faults at off position, in which case water does not heat up and remains cold. So if you are facing this “No hot water from geyser” situation, call professional to repair heating elements and thermostat of geyser.

Water not hot enough

The temperature of water inside geyser is maintained by thermostat.  All geysers have a temperature range of 40-75 Degree Celsius. When the thermostat setting is set at low temperature, power supply cuts off at lower temperature, in which case water does not heat up and remains cold. So if water from your geyser is not hot enough, check the thermostat settings. Sometimes the thermostat faults at a lower temperature setting. This means that the power supply will automatically turn off power at lower temperature. In such cases the faulty thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced.

Low hot water pressure

The reason for low hot water pressure can be sedimentation build up in the water pipes, corrosion, rust  and blockage in outlet valve. With time scale, salts and minerals get deposited in water pipes which obstruct the flow of water through it. Corrosion and rust slowly clog the pipes and result is low water pressure.

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Geyser making noise 

If your hear loud humming, hissing, and cracking  noise from your geyser during its operation, the reason might be salt and mineral deposit at the bottom of the water heater tank. With time, lime and scale present in hard water coat the bottom of the tank and the surface of heating elements and electrodes. This deposition interferes with proper heater operation and causes noise. The solution to this problem is to clean the water tank of geyser.

Water dripping from geyser

Water leaking from geyser indicates several diagnosis, ranging from loose drain valves to high pressure build up inside geyser, to a corroded water tank. It’s quite common for water to be dripping from the temperature-pressure relief valve, which is designed to release water when it senses excess pressure build up inside  geyser. But if water dripping is continuous, call a plumber to fix it. Sometime water drips from geyser due to loose drain valve. You can take care of water leakage by tightening the loose valve. If the drain valve is damaged, replace it with  a new one.

If you’re considering getting a new geyser, here are some of them that we would recommend:

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    I appreciate your clear explanations and the emphasis on safety throughout the process.
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    cold water pressure ok. all pipe lines inside and out side are ok. heating element also ok, but hot/cold water not come out from the out tell me the solution.

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    Hi! Thanks for the great overview. I just worked on my geyser but would like to know the reason behind the issue. One of the feedback wires from the tank to thermostat is getting burnt and rusted. Any idea what might be causing this? On scratching off the residue, geyser started working again.

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