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Guide to Buying the Ideal Water Heater for High Rise Apartments

orient enamour

Everybody needs a refreshing shower to start their day with. In winters or colder areas, hot water is one of the key essentials to start your day with it. Imagine having just moved to a new house. You reached home tired or are about to start your day but you don’t have readily available supply of fresh, hot water. What do you do? It clearly taunts the need for a water heater.

Before buying any water heater, there are few primers you need to consider to find the perfect water heater that is suitable for your requirements. Consider the following key points before buying a water heater:

And if you are staying in a high-rise building, these features become even more important to ensure that you have years of worry-free usage.

When it comes to meeting these requirements (and then some), we highly recommend Orient Enamour glassline water heater.

The Orient Enamour is loaded with a revolutionary new Whirlflow technology which ensures 20% more hot water supply compared to any other water heater in the market. The Orient Enamour is fitted with an 8-bar pressure withstanding capacity, which is ideal for high-rise apartments.

Another major issue with water heaters is the need for cleaning and maintenance caused by the high amount of salt present in the municipal water supply. The accumulated salt over time causes leakage and corrosion in conventional water heaters. Thus, reducing their service life.

Orient Enamour is built to meet the needs of the urban consumers and is designed with a corrosion-free titanium enamel tank that provides resistance against leakage and corrosion. The Orient Enamour is also fitted with the following salient features making it the ideal water heater for any kind of setting:

Besides the loaded safety and durability features, the Orient Enamour also flaunts an elegant white finish that truly complements any wall colour or tile pattern inside your bathroom.

Check out this video to learn more about Orient Enamour, the ideal water heating solution for your home.

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