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How to choose the right geyser or water heater for your home?

Geyser repair

If you are planning to buy a new water heater or geyser for your home, you’ll discover that you have more choices than before so it’s worth doing your homework.

7 important points to keep in mind while purchasing a geyser or water heater are:

Requirement (Family size)

Buy the right sized geyser as per your requirement. An over-sized geyser means heating extra water that is not required. Choose the size of geyser as per the size of your family and consumption habit geyser so that electricity is not wasted.

Longevity and parts availability 

Buy a geyser that has a longer life and has easily available replaceable parts. For example a tank-less water heater’s life is of 20 years approximately, compared to 10 to 12 years for tank-type water heaters.

Energy consumption

A 5 star rated geyser consumes less electricity for heating water as well as has much less heat loss. Install energy efficient star rated geyser and reduce your monthly electricity bills. Higher star rating geyser is little expensive to buy at the first place but they save a lot of money over longer time period.


Warranties are very important. Do not forget to check the warranty on heating element and tank while purchasing the geyser.

Our Pick


While selecting a geyser look for important  features like:

The auto cut feature save energy by switching the unit off and also helps protect the water heater from burning out. It also protects from any accidental damage. The safety valve is designed to automatically relieve pressure and discharge water in case the pressure overshoots the preset limits.


Purchase geyser from brands that are trustworthy like Bajaj, Racold etc. These brands have good after-sale service and customer support.


Purchase a geyser or water heater that matches your bathroom decor and style.

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