5 important points to keep in mind while geyser installation

Geyser repair

Electric geyser is an essential and widely used home appliance. Correct installation of geyser is very important to ensure effective operation and end user safety. Geyser installation should be done as per manufactures guidelines. It is advisable to call qualified electrician or plumber and also keep in mind some important points to keep in mind while geyser installation.

Points to take care while geyser installation:

Sufficient space

Ensure that there is sufficient space available for geyser unit. The area or the space must be in-accordance with the size of electric geyser. Always consider the geyser size before installing it in the bathroom or kitchen. Adequate space helps in proper cleaning and servicing of geyser unit.

Correct height from the ground

Geyser unit must be installed at correct height from the ground. A minimum height of 1.8 meters from ground is recommended for geyser installation. To ensure safety, geyser should be fitted away from wet and damp areas like bathtubs and  shower areas.

Firm wall structure

For correct and firm installation of geyser, it is very important to prepare the wall suitably. Firstly, a wall plate or frame is fixed on the wall and then geyser is installed on the plate. In case of solid walls hole must be properly drilled and in line to fix wall plate. Special care must be taken in case of hollow brick wall. For hollow brick wall, dig up sufficient space and fill the dug up space with concrete cement. When the cement dries and sets firmly, drill holes for fixing wall plate and later install your geyser. In both cases, fix the wall plate firmly with bolts in order to carry the weight of geyser unit (with water) safely.

Unblocked water pipes 

Before geyser installation get your water pipes checked for any blockage. Make sure that the pipes are clean and clog free for smooth water flow.

Safe electrical connections

When making the electrical connections for geyser, always make sure that the electrical supply has the proper overload fuse or MCB protection. For more knowledge on fuse and MCB refer “6 advantage of MCB over fuse”. Also make sure that the water heater or geyser and electrical supply are properly grounded.

Following some important points to keep in mind while geyser installation will help you in getting a perfect installation so that you can enjoy the warm water during the winters.

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    Hi, is it ok to install 25 litre storage type electric water gyser on terrace? Will it provide sufficient hot water?

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    My geyser trips the mainswitch I thought the problem is an element then I bought another one but still it trips down, anyone please help why must I do to fix this problem

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    I don’t know my thinking is right or wrong….When we switch on the heater for 2- 3 minutes with out taking water …water becomes hot and by takingcold water in the bucket nd pouring the hot water ..that will be enough to take bath.But after switching on the heater and if we are turning on the tap immediately I think,water will take more time to get heated up to what we need for taking bath

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    I need a help as the tank is situated just above the bathroom and the plumber is saying that the gas header cannot be installed properly as pressure will not be observed and shower or may be tap also will not work properly with the proper pressure ….. What can I do plz help ?? Thanku

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