4 tips to use your hot water geyser correctly and reduce the sky high electricity bill

Tips for using hot water geyser effectively

Heating water in a geyser can be an expensive task if not done correctly. A water geyser requires a lot of energy to heat water. This high consumption of electricity shoots up the electricity bill during winters. Therefore in order to lower the monthly electricity bills, it is very important to use your hot water geyser correctly.

Correct the thermostat settings of your geyser

Correct thermostat setting

Most geysers or water heaters are equipped with a device called thermostat. Thermostat  keeps the temperature of water in the geyser at a desired level by cutting off power supply once the desired temperature of water is achieved. The thermostat keeps checking the temperature of water and switch-on  the power supply once the temperature of water drops. The thermostat makes sure that the water is heated till the set temperature.

There are two types of geysers availabe in the market:

  • One with thermostat settings outside and changeable
  • Other where thermostat is not visible from outside and cannot be changed
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Water geysers have a temperature range of 40-75 degree. Most geysers availabe in market have a default thermostat setting of 60 degree or high. This means that water in your geyser will be heated till it reaches a temperature of 60 degrees or high. Water heated up to this temperature becomes extremely hot and needs to be mixed with lot of cold water before use.

The amount of electricity used in heating water depends upon the temperature of water coming in the geyser and the temperature setting of thermostat. More is the difference between these two temperature, more is the amount of electricity required to heat water. According to many energy saving groups, water that is heated up to 40-45 degrees is good to use. So if you have a geyser with outside thermostat setting, change it from 60 degrees to 40-45 degrees. For the right amount heating as well as electricity saving the thermostat knob must be kept around the middle position.

Do not keep water geyser ON for longer duration

Using geyser effectively

Many people have a tendency of  leaving the geyser “ON” all the time. This tendency leads to lot of electricity wastage. Once the water is heated the power supply automatically cuts off. After some time hot water begins to loose the heat through the body of geyser. This way the temperature of water comes down after sometime. Once the temperature of the water is down by certain degrees, the thermostat switches on the power supply and water heating process starts all over again. This on-off process repeats all through the day and consumes electricity. So if you do not switch off your water heater, it will keep working all day and will consume electricity. (Picture source: www.allthingsd.com)

Choose right sized geyser

Right sized geyser for your home

Select the right sized geyser as per your requirement. An over-sized geyser means heating extra water that is not required. Choose the size of geyser as per the size of your family and consumption habit geyser so that electricity is not wasted.

Choose star rated geyser

Energy saving geyser

5 Star rated geysers consume less electricity for heating water as well as have much less heat loss. Install energy efficient star rated  geysers and reduce your monthly electricity bills. (Picture Source: www.shutterstock.com)

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Follow above mentioned tips on how to use your hot water geyser correctly to lower your bill and for more ideas and information on energy saving tips visit Ideas By Mr. Right

For any kind of geyser repair and geyser installation, connect with Mr.Right

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  1. 1

    I like your tip about ensuring you turn off the switch so it doesn’t run the entire day. My water warmer takes up a great deal of energy and I’m certain I’ll have a major bill coming up. I’ll need to consider your tips and ensure I turn off the switch sometimes

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  6. 6

    Thanks a lot for your brief explanation about the using method of hot water geyser, I will surely be careful next time and share this article with my family who also use hot water geyser :)

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    very informative. I would like to add about instant tap water geyser , that gives you hot water in 3-5 seconds. Its very essential specially for a woman passing thru post delivery phase ,to keep herself and baby warm, to sterlize baby feeding bottle, baby clothes . Its safe to use , and easy to install.

  15. 15
  16. 16
  17. 17

    I like your tip about making sure you turn off the switch so it doesn’t run all day. My water heater takes up a lot of energy and I’m sure I’ll have a big bill coming up. I’ll have to consider your tips and make sure I turn off the switch every once in a while.

  18. 18
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  20. 20

    I need a help as the tank is situated just above the bathroom and the plumber is saying that the gas header cannot be installed properly as pressure will not be observed and shower or may be tap also will not work properly with the proper pressure ….. What can I do plz help ?? Thanku

  21. 21

    As mentioned earlier, these geysers have great use in kitchens and washbasins where the usage of water is less. In case you wish to use them in bathrooms, the geysers might serve you right if you belong to the southern part of India because the input water temperature will be in the range of 20C. Otherwise, it is always beneficial to opt for the storage water heaters

  22. 22

    I don’t know my thinking is right or wrong….When we switch on the heater for 2- 3 minutes with out taking water …water becomes hot and by takingcold water in the bucket nd pouring the hot water ..that will be enough to take bath.But after switching on the heater and if we are turning on the tap immediately I think,water will take more time to get heated up to what we need for taking bath

  23. 23

    Its important to balance between these two:
    – Small heater, less hot water, less power consumption, more money saving
    – Big heater, more hot water, more bathing experience that accounts for your pleasure, but the power consumption will raise your electricity bill.
    But, whatever you choose, never, I mean, never get trapped into buying a TOO BIG geyser. It will be like taking a horse truck for your daily shopping.

  24. 24

    The tips are very useful for new water geyser user. And the thermostat settings are explained very well. The geyser choosing tips are very useful when purchase a new water geyser. which star rate water geyser reduce electricity bill for water geyser is said very well. Thank you for your information.

  25. 25

    In our low roof I won’t install geyser but it is complete pack with doors no air pass pls advise for further step

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