FAQs about Humidifiers

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When the temperature is too high, it makes the air around you dry. Dry air causes many skin and respiratory issues. It is important to maintain a certain level of humidity in the air for it to be healthy. If you live in an area with such dry air issues, there is a simple solution for you. Humidifiers. Humidifiers help in maintaining the required humidity level in the air around you. They also help in improving air quality but, there are some differences between humidifiers and air purifiers. Here is a list of FAQs about humidifiers where you can find answers to your questions about humidifiers. 

1. How do humidifiers help with allergies?

Humidifiers have rotating filter discs that are submerged in water and help in removing the irritants and other pathogens like bacteria and viruses. It also helps in reducing the allergy symptoms such as sore throat, congestion, sinus pain, and inflammation. So, they not only eliminate allergens but also help with the various symptoms of allergies.  

Following are bestselling humidifiers recommendations for you:

  1. AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier
  2. LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom Large Room
  3. Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier 
  4. raydrop Cool Mist Humidifiers
  5. Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  6. Dr Trust Luxury Cool Mist Dolphin Humidifier

2. What are the benefits of a home humidifier?

Dry air can lead to numerous respiratory and skin disorders. Humidifiers help fight these issues by adding moisture to the air. Some of the benefits of using humidifiers inside your home are:

  1. Reduce the risk of flu
  2. Reduce snoring
  3. Reduces dirt and dust
  4. Can help with dry cough issues
  5. Prevent dry skin and hair issues
  6. Helpful for home plants, wooden furniture & fixtures, and control build-up of static electricity.

3. Where do I put a humidifier?

A humidifier should always be placed in a dry, flat, and firm place. Keep it away from things that are susceptible to water damage, in case of any leakage. It is best to put your humidifier on a table or desk and at a relatively safe distance from people. If you have only one humidifier in your home, place it in the room with the lowest humidity level and in which you spend the most time. The placement should be more to the center of the room and away from vents and/or heating systems. 

4. What type of water can I use in my humidifier?

You can use any type of water in your humidifier, be it distilled water or tap water. Using distilled water is more expensive as you usually buy distilled water for consumption purposes. Most of the humidifiers are compatible with tap water and work as efficiently as with any other type of water. Evaporative and steam models of humidifiers are best in this regard as they work with every type of water without any issues. However, the type of water to be used may be different for some types of humidifiers such as ultrasonic models. 

5. What to do when your humidifier stops working?

In case your humidifier stops working, the first thing to do is to unplug it and check the water level. Humidifiers with an automatic shut-off feature turn the system off when the water level goes beyond its minimum level. If the water tank is indeed empty, just fill it back up with water, plug it, and then turn the switch on. This should fix the issue. But, in case, your humidifier stops working even when the water tank is full, check the manual for troubleshooting tricks or contact an expert. Never open the parts to fix the humidifier on your own, if you don’t completely know about its working or if you don’t have any prior experience.

6. How do I maintain and clean my humidifier?

Keeping the humidifier clean is important to keep getting clean and healthy moisture in the air. When you don’t clean the system regularly, instead of removing the allergens, it becomes the breeding ground for them. And these allergens are then released back into the air. Therefore, make sure to clean the humidifier after every few days. Always use a mild cleanser and soft brush to clean the inside of the humidifier and wipe the outer surface with a damp cloth. Let the components dry completely, before filling them back with water. Also, do not let the same water sit in the system for a long time. 

7. Can you run the humidifier all day?

You can run your humidifier but it is not compulsorily required. If you are using any kind of system to monitor the moisture in your house, it is ok to leave the humidifier on the whole day. You do not want too much humidity in your home as well. So, if you don’t have any moisture monitoring system, make sure to turn off the humidifier for short periods in between. The automatic shut-off feature available in many humidifiers automatically turns off the system once it reaches the required humidity level. 

8. What are the points to keep in mind while buying a humidifier?

Like any other appliance that you use inside your home, humidifiers also come with a buying guide. Buying guide includes the important points that affect the choice of the best humidifier for your home. Following are some factors to consider before buying a humidifier:

  1. Placement location
  2. Water tank size/ capacity
  3. Running time
  4. Mist output
  5. Noise level
  6. Type of humidifier
  7. Price
  8. Maintenance required

9. Diffuser or Humidifier? 

Aroma Diffuser
Image Credit: Pixabay

Humidifiers and diffusers have a very basic difference that is related to their usage. Humidifiers are used to increase humidity in the air by releasing mist formed by breaking the water particles. But, diffusers are used to release or diffuse essential oils in the air for aromatherapy. Diffusers don’t improve air quality like humidifiers.

10. Should you sleep with a running humidifier in your room? 

Keeping the humidifier running in your room while sleeping is good food for your health. It is especially beneficial if there is an air conditioning system running in the room. AC/ HVAC makes the room air dry and thus can cause inconvenience and/or congestion while sleeping. Increased humidity also creates a comforting environment for sleeping and it also helps in easing sore throat, cough, etc.

11. Does a humidifier use a lot of energy? 

Different types of humidifiers run on different wattages which also affects the overall energy used by the humidifier. The amount of energy used also varies based on the size of the room, level of dryness in the air, the period for which the humidifier is run, etc. Humidifiers take up a very small percentage of energy cost in your home. However, ultrasonic and cool mist humidifiers use less energy as compared to their counterparts. 

12. What size of humidifier is best suitable for you?

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One of the most important factors that affect the size of the humidifier you need is the size of the room or place in which it is kept. Get a bigger humidifier for big spaces and a smaller one for small rooms or places. One other point is the level of dryness in the air inside. So, the size and capacity of the humidifier vary as per the air quality and size of the place. Consider these factors before deciding what size of humidifier you need in your home. 

13. How often do you need to refill your humidifier?

If you use your humidifier for the whole day, you will most probably need to refill it once every day. But, if you do not use it continuously, you will need to refill it less frequently. This refilling requirement may differ based on the capacity and model of the humidifier used.

14. Is it ok to use essential oils in your humidifier?

Not every humidifier is compatible with using essential oils in it. Some humidifiers come with aroma diffusers and those can be used to diffuse essential oils inside your home. Make sure to check the user manual of your humidifier before using essential oils in your humidifier. 

15. Can a humidifier be set on a timer?

Yes, the programmable humidifiers can be set on a timer. They allow you to set a timer to start and turn off the humidifier at your preferred time. It helps in saving energy by ensuring that it is used only when needed. There are also some countdown timer humidifiers available in the market. These humidifiers set a timer to shut off the appliance after a certain time.

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