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Common dishwasher problems to troubleshoot

dishwasher not draining

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A dishwasher is an essential part of lives of several people around the world. It is difficult for them to imagine even a single day without this appliance which helps to wash all the dishes and also dry them. Thus when it goes bad or stops working, then this can prove to be a nightmare for most. But it is important to remember that most dishwashing problems can be solved at home. To help you with this, we have listed the most common dishwasher problems to troubleshoot and also the methods to do so:

1. The dishwasher doesn’t clean properly

One of the most common dishwasher problems is it not cleaning the utensils properly. This is not just a common issue but one of the most problematic ones.  For this, first check if the dishwasher is dirty and then go on to check the sprayer arms, the strain screen as well as the door gasket for dirt and debris. If the spray arm is not moving freely, it may be worn and may need to be replaced.  If the upper discharge housing gasket is loose then it may need to be replaced too. Also, try and use a good quality detergent to ensure proper cleaning.

2. Noisy dishwasher

Another common issue that arises with dishwashers is when they start making loud noises.  It is true that most of them make some noise but if the noise is unusual then this could be either due to a defective pump or spray arms that are not turning properly.  Replace the bearing ring or arm seal if the pump is defective and the spray arms if they are worn out.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

3. Dishes and glasses come out spotty or cloudy

If your dishes and glasses etc are coming out spotty, white or cloudy then the hard water must have built up. In such a case, it is better to use a better hard water detergent. In case of spotty dishes, consider using a rinse aid as it helps to avoid water from sticking to surfaces of utensils and dishes.

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4. A dishwasher that won’t drain

One of the common dishwasher problems that you can face is when the dishwasher doesn’t drain.  This problem can lead to bigger issues such as flooding of the kitchen. In such a case, you first need to inspect the assembly of the check valve in the drain sump. If it is not moving properly then you can replace it. However this issue could also be due to the motor or drain pump which you can update if not working fine.

These were the most common dishwasher problems with their solutions however several other issues can arise. For example, in some cases the door of the device doesn’t latch or the dishwasher leaks etc. While most problems can be solved easily at home, for those that may not, you can contact a professional through Mr Right services for dishwasher problems or general home appliances repair.

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