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Things to consider when buying an air purifier

things to consider when buying air purifier

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If you think that the air outside your house is always more polluted than the one inside, then you are probably mistaken. The air that circulates inside our homes is often as, if not more, filled with irritants, dust and other harmful particles that can cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.  The best way to clean and purify this indoor air is to install an air purifier. But there are a number of factors you must consider before purchasing one. The following are the things to consider when buying an air purifier:

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  1. The air purifier must be the right size

The first thing to pay attention to while buying an air purifier is its size.  For this, you must calculate the square footage of the area that you are buying it for. After that check the recommended size for the given square size. This number will be mentioned on the air purifier’s box. The purifier size must be enough to clean the air of the given room completely.

  1. Check all the features being offered by the air purifier

Once you have selected the size of the air purifier, the next step is to check out the various features being offered by it. Different brands offer different air purifiers but you must select one which offers the maximum number of features. Some features to look out for include remote controls, digital controls, option for multiple speed of the fan, air quality sensors, programmable timers, good air quality sensors and others. Also if you have asthma or any other respiratory disorder, then make it a point to look for an air purifier which provides special protection against these conditions.

  1. Check how much maintenance does the air purifier need

Another factor which must be considered when purchasing an air purifier is how much maintenance it requires to function properly.  Most air purifiers need a change of filters every once in a while. You must check the duration of replacement mentioned by the manufacturer on the air purifier box.  This duration may depend upon the number of filters the purifier uses.  Always prefer an air purifier which needs minimum maintenance from your side.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

  1. Check the price of the air purifier

Once you have shortlisted a few air purifiers which are of the apt size, have all the required features and do not need regular maintenance, the last thing to consider is the price.  It is important to enquire about the price and then select the unit depending upon your budget. Not all cheaply priced purifiers may be average and not all high priced units may perform too well. So do take this into consideration before buying.

These days, several Air conditioners too come built in with purification feature. If you own one of them, then the need for buying an air purifier separately may decrease. Keeping the air in the house clean is important for the health of your family.It must hence not be taken lightly.

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