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How to uninstall a window AC?

How to uninstall window AC

A typical window AC weighs somewhere between 20 to 30 Kilograms depending upon the size and capacity of the AC. The huge load makes AC uninstallation process an equally tricky affair as its installation.

The important steps involved in window AC uninstallation are:

Unplug the Window AC unit

To uninstall a window AC, the unit is turned off and unplugged from the power outlet. (Image source:

Remove the insulation and padding 

After unplugging the AC unit, now remove the insulations like foam padding, wooden panels etc. pressed against the sides of the window AC unit. (Image source:

Remove the front cover and air filter

After unplugging the AC unit, remove the front cover of window AC. Most front covers of window AC can be removed without the help of any tool, but some require use of screwdriver.

Remove the inner unit from outer unit

Now time to remove the inner unit of window AC from the outer case. Pull the inner unit out of the case using some physical strength. Window AC is heavy and requires 2 people for uninstallation. (Image source:

Unscrew the outer unit from window

After removing the inner unit, unscrew the outer case from the window unit using screwdriver.

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