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How to install a split air conditioner?

Split AC installation guidelines

Split AC installation starts with deciding the location of indoor and outdoor unit of air conditioner. After the location is confirmed, installation of indoor unit is started.

A Split AC unit has following parts:

Split AC installation requires following tools:

Split AC installation steps

1. Making holes as per wall bracket

In the split AC box, there is an aluminum wall bracket with all the necessary holes and attachments. Fix the indoor unit of split AC on this bracket. To start the split AC indoor unit installation, holes are marked on the wall as per the bracket.

2. Drilling holes in the wall

After marking the holes on the wall, remove the wall bracket and drill holes in the wall with a drilling machine at the marks. Thereafter fix the bracket with the screws in the holes.

3. Passing important pipes and cables through wall

After fixing the bracket on the wall, drill a hole (of large diameter) across the wall to pass copper pipes called refrigerant tubing, drain hose and electrical cable to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit of split AC.

4. Installing indoor unit of split AC

Now split AC indoor unit is securely mounted on the wall bracket. Thereafter pass the copper pipes (coupled to the indoor unit) through the hole drilled across the wall. Connect the drain pipe to one end of the indoor unit, pass it through the same hole and leave it free in the open space for water drainage.

5. Installing outdoor unit of split AC

Handle the outdoor unit of split AC with care as it is quite heavy. Bring the outdoor unit of split AC outside to the location where the installation is going to take place. The outdoor unit can also be mounted on an external wall with the help of support. The wall on which you will mount the outdoor unit should be strong enough to bear its weight and vibrations.

6. Installation of copper pipes and electrical connections

Once the indoor and the outdoor units of the split air conditioner are done with fitting, connect the two AC units with copper pipe. Finally, pass the electric cable through the hole to connect the indoor unit of split AC to outdoor unit of split AC.

7. Final check

After installing the indoor unit of split AC, outdoor unit of split AC, copper pipes, drain hose and all electrical connections of split AC, switch ON the air conditioner to check if it works properly.

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