How is AC service done?

How to uninstall window AC

Ever wondered how is AC service done and what makes it so important every year to get your AC serviced? Read on and you will understand! An air conditioner collects dust and debris during operation which prevents it from cooling properly. Whether you have a window AC or split AC, it is very important to service your AC to ensure a trouble-free performance. Apart from efficiency and performance, AC service also helps you ensure there are no problems inside your AC and that every part of the AC is functioning in an appropriate manner. Missing AC services can cause several problems inside an AC like water leakage from AC, AC not cooling, AC making noise etc. These problems can be prevented by regular AC service and maintenance.

Here’s how AC service is done! 

1. Air filter and fin cleaning

Dirty air filter of AC

An air filter collects humongous amount of dust and dirt during operations. Dirty air filters in AC cause problems like ice formation in AC, AC not cooling etc. During AC service, the technician washes and cleans air filter. The condenser fins are also rinsed and cleaned for any molds and dust build up during AC service.

Here are some accessories which will help you in AC Servicing:-

  1. Real Life Solution Split Indoor Unit Service Jacket Cover (Black) 
  2. Real Life Solution Plastic AC Fin Comb Set, Straightener, Cleaner, Condenser, Evaporator, Cleaning Tool (Blue) 
  3. Stylista Split AC Service Wash Bag Cover Jacket Waterproof 

2. AC condenser and evaporator coil cleaning

AC service Delhi

Dust and dirt are core enemies of your air conditioning or AC system as they cause overheating of the system. During AC service, the technician cleans the dust and debris from the condenser coil and evaporator coil and other key components of the system. In a split AC, the condenser coils are in the outdoor unit.

If you wish to clean DIY, we have some recommendations for you:-

  1. Heebo Air Conditioning Cleaner & Purifier 450 ML: Pack of 2 
  2. Stainless Steel Fin Comb Brush for AC Blade Radiator Cooling Straightening Cleaning Tool 
  3. Real Life Solution Plastic AC Fin Comb Set, Straightener, Cleaner, Condenser, Evaporator, Cleaning Tool (Blue)
  4. KetZeal Plastic Cleaning Tool Kit Wire Brushes with Brass, Nylon, Stainless Steel Bristles (Set of 3)
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3. AC condenser and evaporator fan cleaning

Ice formation on AC

During AC service technician cleans the dust and molds from the condenser and evaporator fan blades. In a split AC the condenser fan is in the outdoor unit.

For Better cleaning you can consider these Water Spray Gun available online:-

  1. Voroly 7 Mode High Pressure Spray Gun with 1/2″ 3/4″ Hose Connector 
  2. GOCART WITH G LOGO Metal Trigger Brass Nozzle Water Spray Gun 
  3. High Pressure Water Spray Gun 
  4. LALA LIFE SGL Metal Copper Home High Pressure Water Spray Gun 
  5. Glive Plastic 8 in 1 Turbo Water Spray Gun 
  6. Sajani Water Spray Gun

4. Drain cleaning and leakage check

Water leakage from AC

The technician checks if water is dripping or pooling anywhere in the unit during AC service. He also checks if there is any leakage from the pipes and tubes inside the AC unit. While performing AC service, technician cleans the drain and removes the dirt and debris to prevent the problem of water leakage from AC unit.

5. Coolant level check in air conditioner

AC gas refill

During AC service the technician checks if the coolant level is just right in the cooling or evaporator coils. When the level of coolant (Freon) is less than the required amount, the temperature of cooling coil drops much below the normal and your AC stops cooling.

6. Overall inspection of the AC unit

Taking care of Air Conditioner

AC technician performs the inspection of key components of unit like compressor, fan motor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, thermostat etc. during AC service to check for any fault. If any fault is found in the components during AC service then technician suggests a repair or replacement as required.

The best way to get optimum performance out of your air conditioner is to have it serviced regularly. It’s always good to have your air conditioner thoroughly checked at least once every year before the advent of summers

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    I thought my split AC had stopped working. I even thought of calling the customer care for servicing. And then I found this guide. The air filter was so dirty that the air could not pass. After cleaning the dust from the air filter, it worked perfectly as a new one. Thanks for this guide. You saved me a few thousand bucks.

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    Thank you for telling about the AC Service. This will help us to check that our Ac service man doing a right way of service our AC. Can you share more information related to Best Ac in India. It will also help us.

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    I found it helping when you said that getting your AC serviced regularly will give you optimum performance. My husband and I should really consider getting our AC system serviced. Thank you for your information on maintaining your AC.

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    Very useful guide. My electric bill has recently shot up and it is making weird noises, so I think it is time for a new one. I will make sure to keep this tip in mind for after I get my AC repaired.

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    I really like what you said about how AC service is done. My cousin’s Ac unit is having a hard time. It would be really nice if he got a professional to look at it.

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