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Don’t want to spend on expensive ACs, try this Jugaad Air Conditioner

Home made Jugaad AC

Worst Summers + No AC = No Problem.

Let’s learn how to make a #jugaad air conditioner via

Use one or more 2 liter bottles and fill them mostly full of water (70%) and rock salt (10%). Leave 20% of the volume empty for expansion. The salt lowers the temperature at which the water freezes, allowing you to make the ice super cold.

Freeze the liquid in the bottles, then place them in a large bowl (to catch dripping condensation). Position a fan to blow on them. As the salty ice in the bottles melts, the air around them cools and the fan will blow that air at you.

The water and salt in the bottles can be refrozen every night and used repeatedly.

Seriously, what more does one want!

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*Source: Wikihow

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