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5 reasons of water leakage from air conditioner

Water leakage from AC

Water leaking from air conditioner is an annoying but a very common problem. You prevent your carpet from getting wet by  keeping a bucket below your AC unit. This is not a sound and long term solution. You need to take care of it. But it is also important to understand why is there a water leakage from air conditioner unit?

5 possible reasons behind water leakage from air conditioner are:

Incorrect AC Installation

Improper AC installation is a very common reason for leakage. An air conditioner should be installed in such a way that the rear end is slightly lower than the front end. A difference of 1 inch is fine. If the unit is too low at front than the condensed water leaks from the front rather than dripping from the rear end.

Air leakage

If the AC unit is not properly sealed then warm air from outside gushes inside the unit. The moisture present in warm air get condensed by the cold air inside the unit. This excess moisture buildup inside air conditioner leaks from the unit.

Lower outside temperature

During rainy season or just before the onset of winters when the outside temperature drops, less water evaporates than it usually does. This results in excess water buildup inside the unit which leaks from your air conditioner.

Blocked drainage

Sometimes the drain holes at the rear end get blocked due to dirt and dust. This blockage obstruct the moisture to come out from the rear resulting in the leakage from the front or sides. Regular AC service cleans up the filters and drain hole and prevent water pooling.

AC Condenser pump broken

When the condenser pump inside your air conditioner is broken, it cause the water to leaks from the unit. Call AC repair professionals for condenser or pump repair and stop this water pooling.

Understanding the reason behind the improper functioning of any appliance or device is very important. It assists you in finding the correct repair and remedy for the problem.

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