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4 guidelines to follow when buying home appliances

The major appliances in your home – Refrigerator, Air Conditioner and washing machine consume most energy and account for big value in the utility bills. Moreover if these appliances are really old then they consume even more energy.

The more energy an appliance requires, the more fossil fuel is burned to meet that energy requirement for it. Burning of fuel leads to air pollution, smog etc. This ultimately means  more loss and damage to environment.

But these days energy efficient appliances have come into picture which look same as the normal home appliance but vary largely when it comes to energy efficiency and operating cost. Energy efficient appliance consume lesser energy and hence lower the monthly utility bills. In this way you not only save money but also protect your environment.

Here are 4 guidelines which you must keep in mind while buying home appliances:

  1. Look for the star label on the appliances. In any product category, star labeled appliance are most energy efficient. More is the number of stars more energy efficient is the appliance.
  2. Buy the right sized appliance as per your requirement. Do not buy oversize refrigerator or AC or Washing machine  if you do not require them. Larger is the appliance higher is the energy consumption and  bills.
  3. Think of the long term advantage while buying home appliances. Purchasing the star labeled appliances can cost more initially. But think of the amount of money you will save on your bills and repair in the next couple of years.
  4. Ask for the offers like free iron/ mixer, incentive programs like low interest loans and exchange programs like cash back or discount on exchange of old refrigerator as per its condition that are promoted by the manufacturers to encourage customers to buy energy efficient appliances.

So folks, if you have a plan of buying home applliances this Diwali or Christmas  go for energy efficient appliances.

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