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    Mr Right says hello!

    Welcome to Careers at Mr Right

    We're glad you are here, because this is probably the most awesome page on this website! Awesome because we get to talk about us, and we may just lure you enough to come on board with us :)

    Let's get you familiar!

    You'll be surrounded with bunch of holics!

    If that's even a word!

    lazy ass

    What's so different about us!

    Oh boy, we are anything but normal! We are one hundred percent HR free!

    Mr Right is young start-up which consists of a mix of entrepreneurs, coders, technology geeks, leaders, innovators, thinkers and people who are trying to change customer's lifestyle. Anything that is coventional is not found at Mr Right, don't even suggest one! We like to explore the boundaries of what is new, unconventional and yet still being pragmatic about delivering quality work.

    We believe in the idea that a person produces their best work when they are in a comfortable state of mind and that is the kind of atmosphere we have at Mr Right.

    Our philosophy is to create a culture where everyone feels responsible for their work and set very high standards for themselves. We don't have bureaucracy at Mr Right, no one is going to constantly poke their nose into your work. We put faith and confidence in people we hire and expect them to live upto them.

    dart board office bike
    office paintings office lego

    There are no cubic farms at Mr Right, no fixed seating positions, because monotony is the death of creativity, you can sit, stand, lie down or hell! do yoga while you work.

    office guitar our ps3
    office dart office paintings

    Why we are coolest in town!

    We don't brag but we're probably the coolest in the country ;)

    Here at our office we have no work timings, you get to choose your own work timings. You can have unlimited coffee, snacks. You get to use internet as it is meant to be used i.e. without restrictions. We spend more time on Twitter and Facebook than you do in a month!

    Did we mention the PlayStation 3 and the big flat TV we have for playing games which you can play at anytime.

    Let us talk about food! We are a small team so we have our lunches together. Trust us lunches at Mr Right are fun! We talk about anything from movies to politcs and we think it elevates mood and sparks a more vivid and bright vibe at our office. Also most of us love fast food, so expect to have a lot of pizzas when you are with us. We also think it's ok to have beer while you work so you will always find one in our fridge. Did we just say BEER! Beat that, there ain't nothing cooler than that!

    Are you intrigued!

    We want you on our side!

    If you are interesting, charming, social, talkative, and got a great sense of humor, you are most welcome at Mr Right!

    Its time to pick a side.

    Mr Right consists of 4 teams Spartans, Friends, Boosters, and Sherlocks

    Bet you didn't see this coming!

    Bear with us while we explain what most people call as the craziest job position you will encounter in your lifetime! You may not believe if this is even a real job. At Mr Right, we've built this most amazing platform that allows our users to book any Home Service PRO in less than a minute. They say it couldn't get any easier for them to find local help. But often we find lost innocent confused users struggling with our websites or mobile app, wandering how to book a case or access their account. Well, we like to take special care for such users, we want to sing them the famous jingle "I'll be there for you!". If you remember the hit American TV show that aired from 1994-2004, you know what we are talking about. We want you to be F.R.I.E.N.D.S with our users! No really, you may even pick your favorite character from the show and pose as one. Love Chandler Bing, how about trying a little sarcasm with the users.

    What would a 'Friend' do?

    • Help users in understanding the usability of company’s product line
    • Educate users in booking or creating a request for service on web or mobile app
    • Handle users queries and questions and solve them smartly on the spot
    • Analyze weekly users calls and comprehend user problems and glitches and present inspiring solutions to improvise user experience
    • Bring creative and new ideas onto plate to improve user experience in home improvement and lifestyle
    • Write creative and meaningful articles for users on social media and company’s blog
    • Connect with customers in person or on call and learn how we can improve their overall experience
    • Assist the marketing team in various customer oriented campaigns, events and exhibitions

    How we imagine you?

    • You should be a graduate/post graduate, doesn't matter what major.
    • Experience doesn't count, you are better off if you are coming right out of college
    • We'll expect you to have a superb conversational skills
    • You should enjoy writing
    • You have to have an excellent interpersonal skill and ability to build close-knit relationship with customers
    • You will need to bring positive energy and enthusiasm within the team
    • And yea, you should know how to take a selfie and post on FB!

    Location: Noida


    Yes, I'm ready!

    I can magically turn a sad customer into a happy one!

    With great power comes great responsibility

    This position demands someone with a cool, calm and responsible head. You need to have good communication skills and some solid presence of mind. Your job will be to motivate our Pros so that they stay enthusiastic about working their jobs through us, you will have to instill in them a great sense of responsibility towards their work, to explain them how to talk nicely to our clients and most importantly make them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves by working with Mr Right. So in a nutshell you need to have good people skills along with the ability to project to our Pros what we want you to project to them

    What would a 'Booster' you do?

    • Grow a large network of home service PROs in Delhi-NCR and later all over the country
    • Be creative and find new ways to encourage more and more PROs to join the Mr Right wagon
    • You will make sure that our PROs are best in their fields
    • Use your judgement, to make decisions who (PRO) stays and who doesn't. Because we only want the best PROs on board
    • Be a great listener, confidently handle the grievances and questions of service professionals
    • Be a story teller, inspire our PROs to put in their best efforts
    • Assist marketing team in various campaigns and events for service professionals

    How we imagine you?

    • You should be a graduate/post graduate, doesn't matter what major.
    • Experience doesn't count, you are better off if you are coming right out of college
    • You have to have a great communication skills, no compromise there!
    • Excellent interpersonal skill and strong ability to build client relationships
    • Be a multi tasker, Work well in multidiscipline/cross-functional teams
    • Be proactive and take initiatives. We don't spoon feed our people, remember you're an adult.
    • You gotta be the most enthusiastic and fun loving individual on the team

    Location: Noida


    Yes, I'm in!

    I want to change lives of hunders and thousands of PROs

    You can eat code, you can walk code, you can shit code

    Code Ninjas are so yesterday, we are building a new breed of sherlocks! Sherlocks who can blow anybody's mind with their awe-inspiring technical creativity. If you think you can write code that oozes awesomeness, hit that black button real hard!

    Creative Designers

    You spent some time in the trenches and produced some killer creative. You have proven you can deliver with skill and professionalism. You'll go beyond pixel-pushing and actually work on the bigger picture to develop and deliver compelling user experiences, marketing, branding and advertising. You'll also be accountable in ways you never anticipated as simply a Designer. You'll need to devise but defend concepts, demonstrate your value in unconventional ways, and prove time and time again that you are a master of your craft.

    Web Developers

    Who said coders and not artist? Sketching is undoubtedly an integral part in the initial creation process of interactive pieces. Traditionally, a pencil and piece of paper was all that was (thought to be) needed to create quick and dirty mock-ups. But as of recent, there’s been a bit of debate over which is more effective: paper and pencil or text editor and code. Both provide an empty canvas waiting to be painted with the next viral YouTube video campaign, microsite layout or iPhone web application design.

    As a web developer, you should be able to sketch with code. One of the inherent benefits of sketching with code is the ease of transformation into a functional prototype. You will be working in a fast-paced, highly skilled team environment and will be responsible for producing browser-based software solutions to realize website design, Social Media API's and interface concepts. You have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and are always looking for the best way to do something. Berners-Lee, Cederholm, Zeldman, Shea, and Meyers are prophets.

    Location: Noida


    Yes, I can code!

    And yes I did check the console!

    This is madness! Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!

    This position is not for the faint of heart. There won’t be any time to beat around the bushes so the person needs to get her/ his basics clear for this job. We don’t expect you to excel in a lot of things and have 3 page long resume describing your previous accomplishments. We just want you to be able to SELL stuff. You will be involved in consulting, engaging and recommending new company initiatives to existing and new clients.

    What would a ‘Spartan’ do?

    As a relentless Spartan warrior, you will be pushing through everything in your way to achieve your objectives. Research, make calls, do whatever it takes to prospect and identify potential new clients Follow up on prospects and leads and turn them into increased business Set up meetings with client decision makers and offering them the best of our services and solutions Use a variety of styles to persuade or negotiate appropriately Coordinate with Boosters and Ops team to ensure client’s requirements are effectively catered to

    How we imagine you?

    You should be a graduate/post graduate, doesn't matter what major As much as we hate saying it, but experience does count in this field. So previous experience in business development/ sales is must You have to have a great communication skills, no compromise there Excellent interpersonal skill and strong ability to build client relationships Should be comfortable working outside of office as you will be required to go out for client meetings regularly

    Location: Noida


    Yes, I can sell!